Abstract Submission

Flash Presentation+Poster Submission

This year’s submission process will be slightly modified to include the new presentation modality that is pioneered in this meeting. When choosing an Oral presentation, submitters will have two choices:

  • The traditional 12-minute presentation, or,

  • Requesting a Flash Presentation+Poster. This new presentation modality allows the authors to reach a very large audience with a 1-minute presentation, and then discuss their work in detail in a poster setting with an interested audience who have identified their poster from the preceding Flash Presentation. In case the selection committee cannot accommodate the request of all the authors in this new modality, these abstracts will be placed in the regular 12-minute oral presentation sessions in the program. More details on this new presentation modality can be found in the Newsletter.

Abstract submission Is now Open!


  • Names, affiliations, and emails of all authors. First author is presenter.

  • Sorting category. Here is a preview of the abstract sorting categories.

  • Abstract content, 1300 characters maximum.

  • Abstracts can be submitted here.

Deadline is August 1, 2019 5pm EST

Questions? Contact abs-help@aps.org or (301) 209-3290.

In 2018 APS used a new abstract submission system for several meetings, including DFD18. While the DFD18 Meeting was highly successful, the new system did not meet expectations for the submission and sorting processes. For 2019 we will be returning to the original APS submission system.

All APS abstract submission policies (see below) remain unchanged.

There a few differences between the 2018 system and the APS system to keep in mind: 

You will have full LaTeX compatibility for your abstract submission. The system used in 2018 was HTML-based, and resulted in some issues for LaTeX users.

You cannot save a draft of your abstract and finish it later. The 2018 system allowed users to start a draft and finish it at a later time. The APS system does not allow this. If you need to change something on your abstract, withdraw your original submission and submit a new abstract with the corrections by the submission deadline.

The first author will be considered the presenter. In the 2018 system you could list the authors in any order you wanted, and then select the presenting author. In the APS system you may not select a presenter; the first author will always be considered the presenter.


APS Policy

  • Authors of contributed abstracts are limited to one abstract (oral or poster) as first author.

  • The first author should always be the presenting author.

  • If more than one contributed abstract is submitted with the same first author, one abstract will be placed in a regular session and other abstracts may be rejected at the organizers’ discretion.

  • Invited speakers may submit one contributed abstract as first author in addition to their invited abstract.

  • Abstracts in the education categories do not count against the one abstract limit.

  • Speakers in minisymposia or focus sessions may not submit contributed abstracts as first author in addition to their minisymposium or focus session abstract.