Instructions for Speakers


  • Speakers should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session and introduce yourselves to the Session Chair.

  • A video screen in each room will be used to time the sessions. This timing will be strictly enforced by the Session Chair.

  • Contributed papers are limited to 10 minutes with 2 additional minutes for discussion. This is followed by 1 minute for transition to the next paper and introduction of the next speaker. During the talk, the monitor will indicate at 8 minutes that the speaker has to finish in 2 minutes. At 10 minutes, it will indicate that the speaker’s presentation time is over. At 12 minutes, it will indicate that transition to the next speaker must occur.

  • A minisymposium talk is 26 minutes long, including questions and transition. The 26 minute minisymposium talks will consist of 20–22 minutes for the presentation with 3–5 minutes for discussion and 1 minute for transition. However, note that the time monitor in the room will keep the regular 13 minute schedule.

  • Invited lectures are 30 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes for discussion (total 35 minutes). The Otto Laporte and Stanley Corrsin Lectures are 40 minutes with 5 additional minutes for discussion (total 45 minutes). The Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award Lecture and François Frenkiel Award Lectures are 17 minutes with 3 additional minutes for discussion (total 20 minutes).


  • A Speaker Ready Room (Room 4C-2) staffed by technicians is provided for your use. Please test your presentations and confirm your laptop settings in the Speaker Ready Room prior to your talk.

  • Each presentation room is equipped with an LCD projector, screen, lapel microphone, and pointer.

  • Ask the student volunteer in the room to connect your laptop to the six-way switch; do not do so by yourself.

  • Speakers must provide your own laptop computer. Users should bring your own adapter to connect your laptop to either VGA or full size HDMI. HDMI is preferred: all session projectors will accept both types of input, but the input switch will have multiple HDMI lines, plus one VGA line.

  • Macintosh users should bring your own adaptor to connect your laptop to the projector.

  • Speakers are responsible for procurement and cost of renting any additional AV equipment. Also note that the APS is not responsible for the security of any personal computers.

  • There is very little time to recover from an AV malfunction, should one occur. Please check for the following common reasons for malfunctions before your presentation:

    • Meeting room projectors will have 1920 x 1200 resolution. Please set your laptop resolutions to 1920 by 1200 (16×10 format). Your images will not display properly if your laptop resolution is higher than the projector’s. The projectors are capable of supporting presentations at a lower resolution including presentations in a 4×3 format.

    • Set the power profile, monitor profile, and screensaver on your laptop to turn off the sleep/hibernate mode. Your laptop will usually revert to its default resolution if it goes into sleep/hibernate mode.

    • Animations and equations in PowerPoint are not necessarily compatible across different versions. If you load your presentation on to a different computer, please check that it displays correctly.