Instructions for Oral Flash Presentation Speakers


Submit one slide for your flash presentation as a 1- page, PDF document, formatted in landscape, and to be projected in 16:9, by Monday, Nov 11 at 9 pm Pacific Time.  The content should be able to display from a regular pdf viewer, so do NOT embed movies, animations, etc. Use only text and pdf figures in creating your slide to avoid compatibility issues.

Deadline date:  Monday, Nov 11 at 9 pm Pacific Time
The 1-page slide for your presentation will NOT be accepted after this date.  You will, however, still be able to present your accompanying poster.

● Email your 1-page slide to:


If you have any questions, please contact Dana Dabiri (
As a reminder, if we don’t receive your 1 slide by the above deadline, you will not be able to give your Flash Presentation at the oral flash session. However, you will still be able to present your poster at the poster session immediately following the Flash session)

The poster that you will be showing after the flash presentations should follow a format identical to the technical/student posters.  Please see for more information.


Your slide will be projected for 1 minute and automatically switched over to the next talk after 60 seconds. Each presentation is 1 minute only and is immediately followed by the next speaker and his/her slide. There is no transition time between speakers. Please refer to points 3 through 5 below for details.


To ensure rapid and easy transition from speaker to speaker, the speakers have been divided into two groups: 

● Those with ODD numbered papers will make their presentation from the podium on the LEFT side of the stage.

● Those with EVEN numbered papers will be present from the podium on the RIGHT side of the stage.

Please arrive 15 minutes early before the session starts so that we can coordinate speakers.  When you arrive proceed directly to the front of the room so we can check you in and direct you to your designated seating.

Additionally, please let us know by October 21st if you need a ramp to access the stage.


Speakers will be organized by the number of their talk in the session (M01.00001, is the first speaker in the M01 room, M01.00002 is the second speaker in M01 room, etc. ), so that the speakers can be ready at the podium when their 1 minute speaking time starts as their slide goes onto the projector. 

● When the session begins, speakers 1 and 2 are on stage at their podium. 

● Speaker 1 begins while speaker 2 waits at the podium. 

● After 1 minute, the slide will change, speaker 2 begins to present, while speaker 1 steps down, and speaker 3 moves up to the odd-numbered podium. 

● This process will continue until the end of the session. 

Student Volunteers will be on each side of the room to assist with this process.


Proceed directly to Exhibit Hall 4AB at the end of the Flash Presentation for your poster presentation.

Oral Flash Presentation lineup.jpg