Roommate Locator

If you would like to share a hotel room while attending the 2019 APS/DFD meeting, please follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the Roommate Locator form: Roommate Locator Form.

  2. The information you provided on the form will be included in a weekly email sent out every Friday, beginning September 1, 2019, to those who completed the form. Information on room rates and reservations is available here.

  3. If you find a possible roommate, contact the other person directly.

  4. Inform Monica Malouf ( when you have a roommate so you can be removed from the list.

NOTE:  You are responsible for screening roommates. DFD is not responsible for screening roommates, does not get involved in financial arrangements between roommates or between roommates and the hotel, and makes no guarantees of any kind about compatibility or financial responsibility.  Persons who reserve rooms and occupy rooms at the hotel are financially obligated to pay for those rooms regardless of whether or not a roommate comes through. Please remember that if you sign up as a roommate, you create an obligation to the person with whom you share a room.