Stanley Corrsin Award Talk (SUNday)


Smits, Alexander, Princeton University
Session D01.00002 Title: Experiments in High Reynolds Number Flows Room: 6ABC

Stanley Corrsin Award Talk (SUNDAY)

Morris, Jeffrey F., Levich Institute, CUNY City College of New York
Session D01.00003 From Microstructure to Models -- Fluid Mechanics of Suspensions Room: 6ABC

Invited Talks (SUNDAY)

Yeung, P.K., Georgia Institute of Technology
Session E01.00001 Advancing understanding of turbulence through extreme-scale computation Room: 6B

Katifori, Eleni, University of Pennsylvania
Session E02.00001 Living flow networks Room: 6C

Bourgoin, Mickaël, Physics Laboratory, CNRS / ENS de Lyon
Session E03.00001 Lagrangian turbulent thermal convection Room: 6E

Austin, Joanna, California Institute of Technology
Session F01.00001 Dissecting Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction in Hypervelocity Flow Room: 6B

Shadden, Shawn, University of California Berkeley
Session F02.00001 Reduced Order Modeling of Blood Flow Room: 6C

Caulfield, C. P., BP Institute & DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Session F03.00001 Open questions in turbulent stratified mixing: Do we even know what we do not know? Room: 6E

Invited Talks (MONDAY)

Juanes, Ruben, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Session J01.00001 Impact of Wettability on Multiphase Flow and Granular Mechanics: Experiments, Modeling and Theory Room: 6B

Jones, Anya, University of Maryland-College Park
Session J02.00001 Unsteady aerodynamic response of rigid wings in gust encounters Room: 6C

Bretherton, Chris, University of Washington
Session J03.00001
Meteorological Fluid Dynamics and Climate Change Room: 6E

Subramaniam, Shankar, Iowa State University
Session K01.00001 Multiphase Flows: Rich Physics, Challenging Theory, and Big Simulations Room: 6B

Garaud, Pascale, University of California Santa Cruz
Session K02.00001 Journey to the center of the stars: the realm of low Prandtl number fluid dynamics Room: 6C

Sharp, Nicole, Sharp Science Communications Consulting, LLC
Session K03.00001 Adopting a Communication Lifestyle Room: 6E

François Frenkiel Award Talk (Tuesday)

Ball, Thomasina, University of British Columbia
Session R02.00001 Static and dynamic fluid-driven fracturing of adhered elastica Room: 6B

Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award Talk (Tuesday)

Balogh, Peter, Duke University
Session R04.00001 The Development and Application of a Computational Method for Modeling Cellular-Scale Blood Flow in Complex Geometry Room: 6E

Minisymposia Speakers (Sunday)

Fu, Thomas, Office of Naval Research
Session C02.00001 Physics of Naval Flows Room: 2B

Carrica, Pablo, The University of Iowa
Session C02.00002 Progress and Challenges for Computational Naval Hydrodynamics Room: 2B

Fullerton, Anne, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Session C02.00003 Physics of Surface Piercing Bodies Room: 2B

Gilbert, Christine, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Session C02.00004 Spray Root Propagation on a Deforming Plate: Applications in Vessel Slamming Room: 2B

Ceccio, Steven, University of Michigan
Session C02.00005 Super-hydrophobics Surface for Skin Friction Drag Reduction in High Reynolds Number Turbulent Flow Room: 2B

Levitt, Michael, University of Washington
Session C03.00001 The use of fluid dynamics to predict success of intracranial aneurysm endovascular treatment: State of the Art and Potential for Translation to Clinical Use Room: 201

Valen-Sendstad, Kristian, Simula Research Laboratory
Session C03.00002 Modeling of ‘patient-specific’ blood flow in the brain: Are we there yet? Room: 201

Gounis, Matt
Session C03.00003 Title:
Improving clinical decision-making with data: defining roles for computational fluid dynamics in aneurysm management Room: 201

Lylyk, Pedro
Session C03.00004 Title:
Hemodynamics and Aneurysm Formation Room: 201

Minisymposia Speakers (Monday)

Brenner, Michael, Harvard University and Google Research
Session H17.00001 Opportunities for Machine Learning in Fluid Mechanics Room: 4c4

Brunton, Steven, University of Washington
Session H17.00002 Interpretable and Generalizable Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics Room: 4c4

Duraisamy, Karthik, University of Michigan
Session H17.00003 Machine learning for Predictive Turbulence Modeling : A Cautiously Optimistic Perspective Room: 4c4

Koumoutsakos, Petros, ETH Zurich
Session H17.00004 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Flow Control Room: 4c4

Kanso, Eva, University of Southern California
Session H17.00005 Classifying Flows using Neural Networks Room: 4c4

Thuerey, Nils, Technical University of Munich
Session H17.00006 Differentiable Fluid Simulations for Deep Learning Room: 4c4

Zenit, Roberto, Brown University
Session H25.00001 Hydrodynamic interaction of a bubble pair ascending in-line in a viscoelastic liquid Room: 607

Zaki, Tamer, Johns Hopkins University
Session H25.00002 Particle-laden viscoelastic turbulence in channel flow Room: 607

Ohta, Mitsuhiro, Tokushima University
Session H25.00003 Exotic shapes and microscale structure of a bubble rising in hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble emulsion polymer solutions Room: 607

Ichihara, Mie, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Session H25.00004 Nonlinear physics in bubble `buku-buku' process with application to quasi-periodic volcanic eruptions Room: 607

Hormozi, Sarah, Ohio University
Session H25.00005 Suspensions of non-Brownian particles in non-Newtonian fluids Room: 607

Eggers, Jens, University of Bristol
Session H25.00006 Self-similar breakup of polymeric threads as described by the Oldroyd-B model Room: 607

Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Jorge, Facultad de Ingeniería-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Session H30.00001 Pattern formation in watercolor paintings Room: 612

Hertzberg, Jean, University of Colorado Boulder
Session H30.00002 What Good are Aesthetics? Room: 612

Herczynski, Andrzej, Boston College
Session H30.00003 From Depicting to Deploying Fluids in Art Room: 612

Marin, Alvaro, Physics of Fluids, University of Twente
Session H30.00004 The Morphology of Parched Tears Room: 612

Harris, Daniel, Brown University
Session H30.00005 The Art and Craft of Science Room: 612

Truscott, Tadd, Splash Lab, Utah State University
Session H30.00006 Unraveling the motion of a fluid from dry paint Room: 612

Focus Sessions Speakers (Sunday)

Eaton, John
Stanford University Session C07.00001 Advances in Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry and the 2019 MRV Challenge Room: 211

Techet, Alexandra H.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Session G03.00001 Fish out of water: hydrodynamics from swimming to jumping Room: 201

Focus Sessions Speakers (Monday)

Elgobashi, Said
University of California, Irvine Session H03.00001 DNS of turbulent flows laden with deformable bubbles or droplets: Overview of methods Room: 201

Vacondio, Renato
University of Parma Session H07.00001 On particle distribution in High-Order Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics schemes Room: 211

Spalart, Philippe
Boeing Commercial Airplanes Session H16.00001 Thoughts on Very Large Turbulence Simulations Room: 4c3

Aluie, Hussein
University of Rochester Session L04.00001 Gaining ``insight" by blurring one's ``sight" Room: 203

Bouillant, Ambre
LadHyX (Ecole polytechnique \& CNRS) - PMMH (ESPCI Paris) Session P04.00001 The vibrating life of Leidenfrost drops Room: 203